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Hire Remote Resources!
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Translation & Interpretation

We provide translation and interpretation services in most of the Indian and world languages. We possess a strong, able and competent team of professionals from various parts of the world.

We assure that translation is done by native translators in order to secure maximum quality of the work. We hire translators, proof-readers, project managers and editors for every specific project and follow strict Quality Assurance Policy.

The emphasis, in translation, is put more on transferring spirit of the text rather than putting equivalent words and terminologies.

Translation Services | Film Translation | Software Language Translation | Website Translation

Leaflets Technical publications in any language (user language) Company profile, Medical and Legal documents including resume writing Business presentation material Marketing collateral, Packaging, Sales Material Annual Reports Brochures Business Cards Catalogs Book Translation Services Labels and Packaging Press releases and publicity Direct marketing material Newsletters/Magazines Questionnaires and surveys |Production Manual Training Manual User Manuals Presentations and Slideshows Auto generated fax, web and printable materials.

Copy-writing & Localization

Copy-writing is an art of professional content development for the purpose of marketing, training, manual preparation or any other business or social purposes. A simple data is provided by the client and the same is developed and expanded and converted into different languages if required.

On the other hand, localization is not similar to translation. Translation is transferring the spirit of the text to another language while translator must keep himself bound with the source text. Whereas in the localization, translation crosses the boundary of text and peeps into the society, culture, life style etc. While performing localization, many other social and cultural factors are kept in mind. Attention is paid that the audiences are not hurt or their sentiments are not bruised. Their religion is respected in the text. They feel comfortable and at home while casting a look on the text.

Service Details:

Web content writing | Copy writing | Technical writing | Product manuals | Tutorials | Game writing | White paper/Business writing | Reports, Theses, dissertations | Poems, stories and novels | Journalistic write-ups | Events play writing | Manuscripts | Educational articles | Documentaries | Academic papers | Essays | Speech writing | News item writing | Press release writing | Travel writing | Presentations | Medical, legal writings | Book summaries and book reviews | Biography writing | Promotion leaflets | Brochures | E-books | Product specification manuals | Machinery and introduction manuals | User manuals & online | Help Instruction booklets | Quick reference guides | Policy manuals (employees) | Frequently asked questions | Installation guides | IT troubleshooting guides (technical support) | Installation instruction manuals | White papers and case studies

Media Services

News Translation

We provide translation services for news channels and newspapers. You may contract out the news supply business for any linguistic area. We provide news translation services in different languages and on different continents.

Watchdog & Clipping Services

WPV also works as watchdog for your company, searching news, stories, events related to your business, product or even competitors. Here, we follow all newspapers of the specific language and perform scanning and clipping services for special causes. 

Transcription Services

As a specialized lingual services company, we offer transcription and translation services. The members of our team are specialized in various business areas like medical transcription, general communication, technical specifications, instructions, etc.

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